Apollo 14: ‘A Wild Place Up Here’


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    Apollo 14 was the eighth crewed Apollo mission and the third to land on the Moon. On January 31, 1971, Apollo 14 launched from Kennedy Space Center with a crew of commander Alan B. Shepard, command module pilot Stuart A. Roosa, and lunar module pilot Edgar D. Mitchell.
    The crew experienced challenges in docking with the lunar module Antares and six attempts were required before a "hard dock" was achieved.
    On February 5, 1971, Antares made the most precise landing to date in the hilly uplands of the Fra Mauro crater.
    Shepard and Mitchell spent a total of 33.5 hours on the Moon and performed two extra-vehicular activities (EVAs, or “moonwalks”), totaling 9 hours and 23 minutes. During the first EVA, they deployed several science experiments. Among these was a reflector that continues to be used to measure the distance from the Earth to the Moon. They also deployed a seismometer, which detected thousands of moonquakes and helped to determine the structure of the Moon’s interior. Other instruments measured the composition of the solar wind and the Moon’s tenuous atmosphere and plasma environment. Shepard and Mitchell collected 95 pounds of lunar rock and soil samples.
    The command module Kitty Hawk splashed down safely on February 9, 1971, exactly nine days and two minutes after launch. The mission duration from liftoff to splashdown was 216 hours, two minutes.
    Download Link: images.nasa.gov/details-Apollo%2014%20%E2%80%98A%20Wild%20Place%20Up%20Here%E2%80%99
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    Producer/Writer/Editor: Amy Leniart

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      every single one of them and the cosmonauts all have my absolute total respect, well done guys ...let's see what comes in the next 20/30 years exciting times!!!!!

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      Another great comedy show blahahaha

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      4:38 Now that is an Apollo money shot. 💰

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      Its so Sad they dont People to the Moon Anymore ☹️

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      Why are there no photos of the night sky of Mars from the rover? Because a black background, like a photo from the moon, would be a failure ?))) How could Voyager 1977 send photos to Earth when digital cameras only appeared in the mid-1990s

      1. Deborah Downs

        I don't know how it's done currently, but spacecraft in the 60s and 70s used analog-to-digital computation (scan converter) and low-wattage radio transmitters. Old television cameras used tubes, but I'm not sure what NASA was capable of then.

    10. DanKGameplays

      So you're telling me, we could get to the moon and walk on it wayyy back then. But now we can't even make a rocket capable of it?

      1. Choupa

        Its too dangerous and expensive

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        Who is telling you that?

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      I dream of going there one day

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      Transformers were there?

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      So many suckers believing this bull.

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        Do you have evidence

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      Bro they landed on my birthday lets go!!

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      Why do we not have bases up there yet? makes no sense.

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        @Carl's Jr. btw if you didnt know the artemis program will start by 2024

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        @Carl's Jr. they will but it will take a few years

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        @Choupa duh, might as well start now.

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        @Carl's Jr. it would take years to build a base

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        @Choupa They should do it for the future of humanity. I would think getting a population up there would be legit to making sure our species survives haha. WORTH it imo

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      i get so emotional watching NASA missions - it just has so much emotions- all of them

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      I love y'all... next time put me on the rover...not kidding 🙄😉👍🏿

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      Nasa nasa

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      space exploration is unironically one of those few things that make being alive in today's time worth it. i'll be glued to the screen watching artemis III.

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      Where's the star's? Isn't space supposed to have star's no?

      1. Choupa

        Camera exposure

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        @Mark T Haha space propaganda

      3. Mark T

        Because of the exposure on cameras it is hard to see the stars; the stars are quite dim compared to the bright surface of the moon, therefore if you were to increase the exposure on the cameras so that you could see the stars, the rest of the image would be completely white.

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        @E. Rose its Devon Island!!! With a red filter, 🐑🐑🐑

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        You wish.

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      I'd really like to go to the moon sometime in the future.

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      "See this is proof that nasa faked the moon landing"

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        Also this was a joke so yeah

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        @Hoi4 God And why are you here other than to spread your ignorance?

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        Bud stop lying to me your just here to keep the truth from the comment section

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        @Hoi4 God I don't work for NASA and you can't handle the truth.

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        @E. Rose You work for nasa and you are trying to hide the truth

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      If Nasa will help. I will help too for achieving your dreams.

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      Yes I know. It is a crazy request about Nasa. because millions of people apply for the chance to visit international space station. But this is a craze about me and I know it

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      These were times....

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      Whoa!!!!!!!!! This is sooooooo amazing!!!!!! I am so proud of you, NASA, engineers and everyone!!!

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      How hard is rocket science anyways?

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        VERY hard

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      I gotta say Apollo mission was great! But there new mission called artemis, i hope artemis will make it to the moon.

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      The earth is flat, wake up

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        @Choupa no :)

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        Give us evidence

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        imagine having that type of privilege to just say whatever you want and believe whatever you want with no consequences.

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        The earth is round, stop living under a rock.

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      Salutes to you All from pakistan

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      Being able to say “I walked on the moon” is a really huge flex

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      When the recording on the moon is better than the recording in earth

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      Thanks for sharing. I had the opportunity to view a rocket launch in 2018. Incredible experience. I posted a pretty fun montage of the journey to my channel.

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      3:47 a leaf floating around. What?

      1. E. Rose

        @Carlos Gonzalez Why did you even ask the question in the first place if you think you got it all figured out already? Who cares if you believe it or not? Has it occurred to you that the dust was already blown away during the landing?

      2. Carlos Gonzalez

        Its all lies. Wernher von braun wrote a book Project Mars. In the book someone named Elon is the one who colonizes Mars. How many people named Elon have you met in your life? I have met none. One must be a coincidence theorist to believe this is just one of them..and with all that dust on the moon i am supposed to believe there was no dust when the vessel ascended. But just some debris that came off the lunar module. Have you heard of nasa s donald pettit?? Check him out. They mock people like you all day long.

      3. E. Rose

        @Carlos Gonzalez The command module and the lunar module were filming each other.

      4. Carlos Gonzalez

        Who filmed the vessel?? Was someone floating in space? Was there another vessel out there filming it?

      5. Will .C

        @E. Rose thank you

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      OK another moon manned mission reaching 50th anniversary Epic

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      *Edgar Mitchell, lunatic.

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      Where is wybuch

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      I really love NASA

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      Alles Lüge.

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      This is amazing ❤️ Can't wait for the next Lunar landing and Mars exploration🚀🚀🚀

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      Wow, 49 years ago this last Friday

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      It was all a 🤥🤥

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      I cried watching this

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      In 2024 you guys better bring an 8K camera to the moon so everyone can believe it

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      I thought this happened just 6 days ago. I was about to freak out and have a party, man, come on. Do it for the kids at least.

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      I can't believe such thing....

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      If I ever step foot on Moon, I am not coming back.

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        Oh I would change my mind about that in a few days there!

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      Alan was very lucky getting his ear fixed as a lot of doctors would not operate. Was glad to read he made it to the moon and played golf., goes to show never give up on your dreams

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      There should have been a permanent moon base from those early landings, better late than never

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      I'm looking forward to artemis more than ever now!

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      This video is a lot more positive than the Wikipedia article.

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      gonna happen soon.

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      So why haven't we been back there yet! since...the smart phones that we have in our pockets today have more computing power than the computers that were in NASA back in the 70s, you know what i think too much politics at play smh 😒

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        @Carlos Gonzalez thats not a leaf

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        How is there a leaf blowing around on moon? 3:47. Never went in the first place.

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        @Falcon HeavyThat's one

      4. Falcon Heavy

        @MJay Joseph Lack of funding because of politics.

      5. MJay Joseph

        @Laim That's one of the things i heard 🤔

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      are we gonna ignore the fact that the first moon landing was in 19 _69_

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        Yeah because it’s not at all funny

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      Why their is not a single video footage of the earth shown from the moon surface (any Apollo missions)

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        @Carlos Gonzalez That's not a leaf. It's a piece of kapton from the descent stage.

      2. Carlos Gonzalez

        There is leaf blowing around on moon. 3:47. What? This video put out by nasa.... On apollo 17 there is an image of the so called earth. Same size as the moon when viewed from earth... What? Think people...... 😞

      3. Falcon Heavy

        There is. Apollo 17.

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      Soon i will go to Moon..who wanna join with me?

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      yah to Apolo Allahabad hai

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      Makes me proud to be an American 🇺🇸

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      50 years later with all the tech we have now and maybe in 2024...

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        The problem is money and NASA’s current bureaucracy

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      My 5th grade class and I think you ROCK!!!!

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        Hey teacher. See if they can tell what kind of leaf is blowing around on moon. 3:47.


      Respect !!!

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      Hi 04/01/2021

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      This stuff never looks old. It's amazing how far ahead they were back then and much they did with the little technology they had.

      1. Falcon Heavy

        @Peppe Ddu What does computing power have to do with landing on the Moon. Spacecraft were capable of reaching Mars in 1971 with the very limited computing power.

      2. Peppe Ddu

        @Andy Burk and computers less powerful then the chip in your iPhone connector.

      3. Andy Burk

        lol, ikr, we were lucky to have electrified lighting and indoor plumbing, yessirreee...

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      The United States owns Space.

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      we all know they only going there again for the H3

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      Apollo 11 editan ya min sarimin? hahaah..

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      if you play the video from the start at 0.25 speed it sounds like the beginning of a sad song.

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      Does the people in space get covid-19?

      1. Obamarang

        @Alex Siemers Yes I know right! I actually have a LIFE magazine from days after the landing. When it was written they were still in quarantine to check for any 'moon bugs'.

      2. Alex Siemers

        No, but funny enough they still had to quarantine when they got back from the moon

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      Let's go back!!! Get to the moon then go to Mars.

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      Fight with aliens

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