Spot the Station Over the Super Bowl


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    The International Space Station’s orbital path will take it within sighting range of Tampa, Florida at 7:15 p.m. EST on Sunday, Feb. 7. Weather permitting, the sighting opportunity will be about the same time two football teams will be competing to win Super Bowl LV.
    "Spot the Station" where you live, visit:
    See the path the station will follow visit:
    The station's trajectory passes over more than 90 percent of Earth's population. NASA's "Spot the Station" is designed to only notify users of passes that are high enough in the sky to be easily visible over trees, buildings and other objects on the horizon. NASA's Johnson Space Center calculates the sighting information several times a week for more than 4,600 locations worldwide.
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    1. Kevin B

      Why does @nasa disable comments on certain videos.

    2. AZAD TV

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    3. Mizgin utaş

      Cool 😉👍

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      This PR is solid!

    6. ABHIMANYU Abhi

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    8. Wafflin'

      I saw the station once in london

    9. PandyCraft

      Nesesito ayuda En llacuabanba , provincia de patas En él cielo algo plomo con puntos verdes y redondo Iva mas lento que un avíen y de fuego e. La parte trasera a mas altura que un avíen puede llegar , puenden decir que es ?

    10. لاتيني العرب

      اهلا بكم وكاله ناسا الشياطين فى السعوديه تعمل فى الأقمار الصناعية وتقوم ب انتهاك الخصوصيه ف اصبحنا نراقب فى المنازل وننشر كما نحن فى التلفاز وكذلك الهواتف النقاله ونراقب فى الحياه العامه منذ اربع سنوات مضت ونحن على هذا الاذى نرجو إيقاف هذا الاذى واكتشفنا ان هذا من الأقمار الصناعية وهي التلفاز الرجاء إيقاف الأقمار الصناعية فى السعوديه والشرق الاوسط لا يستحقون التلفاز فهو تلفاز زنا مايقارب 2500 محطه او قناة فضائيه وهي / عرب سات نايل سات اوروبت OSN زنا وغير ذلك المزيد .. نرجو ايقاقها بشكل عاجل ذات محتوى غير مرغوب به ونراقب من الاختراقات الضاره *انتهاك الخصوصيه. شكرا لكم .

    11. Andressa Sousa

      Brazilian presence 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    12. Magnus Bentsen

      Imagine a powerlifting event in space

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    14. Just a Bruh

      Poggers in the chat for nasa

    15. иоятнеяи sтаяя

      Nasa means to deceive in Hebrew weird huh

      1. иоятнеяи sтаяя

        @chicken soldier I wanted to know if there was a reason why they chose those specific letters other than them spelling out what it stands for. Apparently there's some inconsistencies with their claims and odd things like leaves blowing on footage on the moon.

      2. chicken soldier

        @иоятнеяи sтаяя i cant find tts for hebrew, so i cant confirm but im sure it doesnt. And even if it remotely did, why would that matter?

      3. иоятнеяи sтаяя

        @chicken soldier then perhaps "deceive" just sounds like Nah-suh in Hebrew

      4. chicken soldier

        It doesnt

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    17. Cant Believe

      Get a better narrator on this week episodes, ta

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    19. St. Paul MN

      You’d think money would be spent on medical research like spinal chord injury instead of funding these quests or journeys for these select people

    20. Sajad Pir Ahmadian

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    21. RealmanPwns

      Since you turned off comments on your other video in order to censor the negative feedback you received from it, I will comment here. Your video "The Power of African American Leadership in NASA" Is absolute racist trash. Shame on you for making a video tying leadership to skin color. Does anyone believe NASA would make a corresponding video titled "The Power of White American Leadership in NASA"? They wouldn't and they shouldn't. NASA = RACIST

      1. иоятнеяи sтаяя

        @Yo Mama okay but the shape of the Earth isn't as important as the people on the Earth. Regardless of the shape people still face discrimination, disease, poverty and violence. If someone doesn't agree with you, you can't make them believe something that's contrary to their beliefs they had for their whole life. They sometimes have to learn the truth for themselves.

      2. Yo Mama

        Earth is flat I’d worry about that 1st

      3. иоятнеяи sтаяя

        Yes it's propaganda. We need equality or else we'll be flipping back and forth with special treatment on one side and then the other.

    22. NASA

      Aliens exist!

    23. robi ahmad sutardi

      Stop sending signals out to communicate with other galaxies of space to draw attention to earth, very dangerous. You have no idea what you're dealing with ❤

    24. Carlos Henrique

      Nasa é minha rolaaaa

    25. United States Military

      lets go_

    26. Keluarga Family

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    27. Swarali Gawande

      I want to be areospace engineer in NASA can you plz guide me .

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    29. Tiffany Chatham-Pardus

      I’ve seen her fly over too many times I can recognize her instantly

    30. Aaryan Bora

      I have seen iss from ground and with my telescope but it's super fast and very hard to catch

    31. 三毛猫

      Waht!! Σ( ̄□ ̄;)

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    33. UnspinableThefoxyboy

      NASA:Spot The Station Me:that sounds like a game to me

    34. abu hasan

      how to become an astronaut with nasa

    35. psycleen

      stadium size balloon

      1. HeatsOkay

        pea sized brain.

      2. psycleen

        fu nasa

    36. Joshua Brownfield

      Psalms 2:1-12...

    37. Zilar

      The marketing team needs a bonus, this is a great idea

    38. Shakil Shakil

      Hi ! I am Rosa . I have a question . Do astronomers work at NASA ?

    39. INSÔNIA

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    40. TheCampingJames

      Why this video recommend for me? I need some answer please.

    41. I J

      Anyone tried from Bangladesh ?

    42. nsteiger

      The seven-minute flyover Tampa Bay last night at 7:15 was the most spectacular thing that happened during the Super Bowl.

      1. Mister K

        Looking at how both the game and the halftime show were underwhelming, I absolutely agree

    43. Abderrahmane HAMOUDI

      The eart is flat

    44. Chang.


    45. C C

      Just spotted oumuamua 3 tonight

    46. Dusty Plunkett

      I love watching the ISS pass by me when I'm able to spot it. It's definitely increased my interest in space.

      1. Yo Mama

        @chicken soldier sure you did

      2. chicken soldier

        @Yo Mama so thats why i saw the ISS fly over me with my telescope, got it.

      3. Yo Mama

        Earth is flat

      4. joe mama

        if you wanna see something really cool, buy a small telescope and wait for saturn to come around in a few months. it will be at opposition, meaning its closest to earth and will be at its brightest.

    47. Aditya Sai

      Thank you NASA

    48. در بختغدبتتیتبتزدرن

      I'm 11 years old, but I'll prove to you what I know you don't know.

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    51. در بختغدبتتیتبتزدرن

      How do I get into NASA?

    52. Mark Guy

      Obvious choice - spot the station. Dent know anyone trying to watch those rich traitors ruin football.

    53. saimul Haque

      I see it from Earth 🌎🌍

    54. Jamuna Prasad

      WOW! i just saw the ISS yesterday

    55. maia avalos

      sooner or later we are all going to find out what the UFOs are hiding. They have evidence until extraterrestrial contact and many know it, tell the truth and do not hide anything, even if it is a very big change, everyone is going to balance as before.

    56. Jim Scarborough

      You Uploaded this the day of? Should’ve uploaded twice within the last week.

    57. Laksh Sharma

      Hey nasa! I had spot the station and seen it with my telescope yestarday . It was visible small but beautiful. Without a telescope it seems like a bright star moving in the sky.

      1. Laksh Sharma

        @Randy Mennie my telescope is of Celestron brand there's an app called Celestron sky portal on app store . It can track location of every star,planet,asteroid or satellite.😀

      2. Randy Mennie

        How did you track it with your telescope?

    58. Richard King

      I see where the comments were turned off for the Black history month NASA is one of the most racial organizations ever put together in my whole life I've never seen a black astronaut and I've been watching NASA for 60 years

      1. HeatsOkay

        Then you havent been watching close enough, because theres been over a dozen with NASA alone.

    59. Achman Thor Clash Champion

      Well I spotted many times the station from my city . Unnao , India It travels very fast and in about 3 - 4 minute travel from One horizon to another

    60. Redcat94

      Please don't waste my time with football. NASA shouldn't be advertising the NFL.

    61. Prince Indrajit Law / Laha

      👍 ❤️

    62. CoolChib124

      I going to see there!!

    63. Death Valley Dazed

      Love watching ISS overhead with help of the texting app. Thanks NASA!

    64. Apple

      I love you

    65. Gig Pros


    66. キズネkizuneシロズネ

      I want see ISS too or satelite if it passes to my country unfortunately the air pollution in my country is too bad that i cant even see the stars anymore hahaha

    67. NPC 69541

      Or... watch the game in front of you?

    68. Jakester! - The Darude Comment Critic

      I recommend everyone should see the ISS at least once in their lifetime. Once you observe it you always come back for more.

      1. chicken soldier

        @Jaden Stark bro it has a polar orbit, look up online for the date, it has to fly over you

      2. Jaden Stark

        It doesn’t cross the sky where I live 😥😥

      3. Randy Mennie

        Considering it goes over every point on Earth between 51°N and 51°S six times a day you just have to get the lighting right.

    69. mohammad emarati

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    70. Nathan Higa

      I’m the 156th person to watch this video! NASA will score a touchdown when the International space station flies over the Super Bowl!

    71. Ak50David

      I don’t see it. I want my money back.

    72. jose ap santos

      Boa noite, diversão e tecnologia, uma combinação perfeita. Adorei o vídeo.

    73. Fikar Saddam Hussein

      فيسبوك في الذكرى تسجيل هذاولي يحلمون حليب 💯 🤣 Football

    74. Rafael Mantucci

      Really a great time for some spot the station self promo

    75. Astro Boy

      One time last month I saw it fly over head on the way home on a road trip

    76. Ian Kendall

      Thanks for the vid, but it's a bit difficult for me to spot it here in Liverpool uk..😉🖖🙏

      1. Ian Kendall

        @Lilyjean B52 hi I use ISS onlive app from Google playstore I highly recommend it. It is one of the best ISS viewing apps. You can take photos and record video of ISS on it too. Thank you for the message🖖👍

      2. Lilyjean B52

        Hi there There's many times in the night (it's very hard to see by day!) When the odd goes over Liverpool and the UK. It virtually covers all places worldwide throughout the week. The app called iss detector is only just a basic example. Go well with the game and having the chance to view our wonderful space tech first hand!

    77. Argo187

      Can you see it from ft Lauderdale tonight?

    78. Gavin Friedman

      I saw the station last night in Baltimore.

    79. pawsryanTV

      NASA sports

    80. Amino's Truth 3

      Curved solar panels, green screen and bubbles.

      1. Thomas j

        Go eat your crayons.

    81. az stuff

      spot the ISS over what? never heard of it.

    82. DEfan

      I stopped watching the NFL this season since they had no respect for the police. I take a knee on the NFL. booo

      1. Jake McKee

        When did they have no respect for the police? I’m not much of a sports person, just a space nerd.

    83. Belinda Spechtenhauser

      Okay commenters, look and think about Sqids ideal imagenation

    84. AidenTCE

      Relating to playing football on the moon. It would be very hard to play on the moon but that would be cool

    85. Relax Mode

      i love NASA

    86. The Random Tube

      Just 30 minutes ago I used the same website to view the ISS through my telescope! Thank You NASA!! It was a sight to remember ❤️

      1. The Random Tube

        @Cody Piscitelli Exactly

      2. The Random Tube

        @Ken Kubesh Haha yes, Try tracking like a plane first, I used to teach airplanes which got me better

      3. The Random Tube

        @Jamie Gleaves I actually tracked it manually, Was pretty hard but worth it!

      4. Cody Piscitelli

        @Jamie Gleaves It’s really easy. It doesn’t move that fast and its trajectory is predictable. Most tracking mounts like mine can point right to it and track it as it goes across the sky. It’s in view for several minutes.

      5. Jamie Gleaves

        How did you get the ISS in your telescope with it moving so fast?

    87. Thomas Lindberg

      GO NASA GO 👍👍🍺🍺

    88. atvkid0805

      Not watching football or any sport that supported BLM

      1. Jake McKee

        You don’t think Black lives matter?

      2. Jake McKee


    89. Ana Clara Cordeiro

      Primeira surtoooooo

    90. reverend riff

      Thanks to Britt Reid, I've lost all interest in the game today. Not watching!

      1. Iron Maiden


    91. GUY HALL

      This must have taken years of planning.

    92. Blue collar Hero

      You all going to take a knee too? Lolz!

      1. atvkid0805

        @Jake McKee 12 minutes & youtube now shows me this comment. Ok well let me educate you, where do most black reside? Cities & "the projects?" Who runs those cities? Yes that's right, democrats more then likely, so who is responsible for blacks being thrown under the bus? Yes that's right, DEMOCRATS

      2. Jake McKee

        @atvkid0805 BLM fights Fascism which forces people into oppression, like segregation or slavery. And that ties into injustice. The sad thing is, that injustice from our indecent past still remains, sometimes in the form of how we value lives differently based on skin color. That is what BLM is fighting.

      3. Jake McKee

        @atvkid0805 and fascism is a form of dictatorship. Usually with military or strict utilization. Explain to me how KGup is any of that, or carries any of that ideology?

      4. Jake McKee

        @atvkid0805 depends. KGup is a private company that wants everybody to be satisfied with their product. If they feel that people are saying offensive things that can cause harm to their business, they have the right to shut them down. Just as businesses have the right to fire an employee or block a consumer if they do something horrible that will not play into their favor.

      5. atvkid0805

        @Jake McKee If they deleted my comment because they didn't like what I had to say does that not sound fascist?

    93. Ela Gencer

      Hello Nasa ! Greetings from Turkey ! Im ella and im 14 years old. I want to be an astronaut in the future. And i have a question; What height should we be To be an astronaut ? Im 150 cm i guess i will grow more. but i guess it wont be more than 160. Please answer my question. I need help!

      1. Seán O'Nilbud

        The shorter the better. Every kilo costs money.

    94. General Purpose

      I'll be too busy not taking a knee

    95. Brayden Curry

      Wow. You humans really took this up a notch.


    97. Sofia

      I love you nasa. I will surely join the nasa squad very soon 😄

    98. Faisal BK

      nasa, be less american. thank you!

      1. TimePro

        Anyone: Says anything American like People like you: bE lEsS AmErIcAn

    99. Emil Dorog

      I don't want to see her from a distance, I want to be there.

    100. Uzayda Bilim

      Turkey space agency also released a similar video. I'm looking forward to what will happen this February.

      1. Zehra

        Unfortunately I won't have the chance to see it because I leave in the east part of Bursa which isn't close enough to İstanbul. How unlucky I am :((