Feb. 18: Our Perseverance Rover & Ingenuity Helicopter Arrive at Mars


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    On Feb. 18, join us in welcoming our Perseverance Mars rover to its new home on Mars. After the entry into Mars' atmosphere and descent to landing, it will touch down in a basin called Jezero Crater. The rover will search for signs of ancient microbial life & collect samples for future missions to return. It's brought a friend to Mars as well - the Ingenuity Mars helicopter, a technology demonstration that will attempt the first-ever powered flight on another planet.
    Credit: NASA
    Producer/Editor: Mark Hailey

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      0:22 signs of ancient life

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      Perseverance's face: the cutest thing Ingenuity's face: *NASA logo intensifies*

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    5. Street Portrait Shots

      This is geat. I can't believe I'm alive to witness this historical event. Congratulations to NASA and to all of us, of course, living at this very moment. Now, I wonder what will happen to the earthly microorganisms such as bacteria contained on the craft. I mean, introducing such unknown microorganisms to planet Mars should also be studied. Will these microorganisms able to withstand the atmosphere of the planet Mars? Will they evolve? I was also thinking that what if the craft brought earthly seeds or plants to the red planet, will these plants grow and survive there? Hmmm. I'm trying to work my brain here 😅

    6. Rangi Janadari

      new world new life of the Mars

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      send another manned rocket to the moon. i dare you

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      История творится на наших глазах, а смотрит это меньше даже 5 миллионов человек...

    10. Cosmos Space

      I love your cool projects

    11. Jay Sebring

      How sure are they it contained water? I think they're imagining things. Those are just natural formations caused by lava or wind

    12. Doug 7RM

      We need more funding for NASA. Imagine what we could do with half the military budget

      1. AE0N

        The only issue is that people dont sant taxes, rip all budgets.

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      Couldn't find any flat earth comments to make fun of so I'll make my own The earth is flat

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      Good luck percy and ginny were proud of you already

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      la NASA solo sabe ingles...

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      🗣Mars rocks! but Only got 12 seconds in .. that *Ai* narrator made my 👂's Sic 🤢. Soz.

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      Por favor en español , gracias

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      Are there procedures to protect the helicopter during a dust storm?

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      Nasa always no1 ( because they have lots of money 🤗)

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      OMG! Can't wait anymore!!!!

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      This is history right now

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      NASA you are a national treasure . Thank you to all the men and women who make up the best space team on the planet!!! You all have made me a very proud American.

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      I thought an ad was started.

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      now with that nuclear power generator there's no way it will fail due to energy for the next 10 years

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      Hey,um from the future, Your ur mission will be successful

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      waiting for ISRO CHANDRAYAN 3 when the whole world will be praising india.

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        Those are so cute 😊

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      Without indians NASA is nothing. Today they are ahead in space science only due to indian talents.

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      May the rover blast on the mars surface

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      Petition to nickname Perseverance to Percy. 👇

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      One of the most underpaid animations l0l

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      How This will be a TV show?

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      I just got this notification on 21/feb/21... Good job, KGup xD

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      So......... how did it go?

      1. SN9

        Succesfully landed near it's landing site

    36. Ricardo Pereira de Azevedo

      What's about to happen on Earth, who's spending so much money to get away from here? ( It would be more feasible to preserve Planet Earth - unless it will cease to exist, will it not? )

    37. Briar J. Eisenbraun

      I will never forget this, what a great accomplishment NASA did. A Big thanks to NASA and to all the workers that help made this happen.

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      Let’s do it, folks! You got bunch of guys about to turn blue. Thanks, we’re breathing again!

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      AVAV Stock is about to 🚀🚀 they helped make the Ingenuity Drone!!

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      Many years later : This is the Perseverance rover sent to Mars nearly 2 centuries ago, no touching no flashlights plsss.

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      Those are so cute 😊

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        Fantastic achievement, exciting times ahead

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      Hi, me from 2082! Hope all the ice hasn't melted.

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      7 months that's crazy

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      Why is this video done so badly? The music, the tone of voice etc. Is this video made for little children??

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      NASA makes cartoons. Were actual video from Mars and not black & white?

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      HI FUTURE HISTORY CLASSES, I’m probably dead by the time you see this but HI

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      people don't realize that if NASA successfully finds fossils on the Mars, 2021 would be the most successful and exciting year in HISTORY!!!

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      NASA LIVE 22 00

    52. yo kk

      NASA LIVE 22 00

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      rip spirit and opportunity

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      Fantastic achievement, exciting times ahead

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      Congratulations 👏 NASA Greetings from India 🇮🇳 😊❤

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      What a lies people truly believe there is mars or any landings 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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        are you serious?!

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      Boa tarde, um vídeo, sensacional.

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      Congratulations 🎉

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      After 100 years people will appreciate our this generation 😁🥰😍

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      Look at little Percy

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      why must it have eyes

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      I am gonna be the first kid in the philipines to step on it

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      I love science fiction...

    66. Aser

      Der Marsrover nimmt Proben, und schickt die zu unserer Erde. Ich frage mich.... Was ist wenn auf den Mars etwas gefährliches existiert, was auf unserer Erde nie existiert hat. Auch wenn (der) Gerät die Proben vor Ort Analysiert. Der Rover kann nur das analysieren, was die Entwickler programmiert haben. Noch kann keiner wissen, dass die Proben unbeschadet auf unsere Erde landen(auch wenn die NASA noch so viele Erdnüsse isst). Und wenn alles unbeschadet landet, ist der Weg zum Labor gefährlich. Noch kann keiner wissen das, dass Material wo sich dann die Proben befinden werden, sicher sind. Vielleicht dringt es vom Material nach außen. Wenn die Proben im Labor ankommen, kann es zu Labor Unfällen kommen. Noch kann keiner wissen, dass die Schutzausrüstung im Labor den Menschen von den Marsproben schützt. Keiner kann wissen, was mit unsere Erde dann passiert!

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      Mientras tanto en argentina controlando precios porque esta vez si van a vencer al capitalismo

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      Did you know that the temperature on Mars is -56 C

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      NASA . 👩‍🚀🚀🛰️👍👍👍

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      new world

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    72. Timmy Corini

      why is there no real or live footage at all?

      1. SN9

        The footage should be coming tommorow.

      2. The Lorax

        Mars is 200.000.000 kilometers away. It takes alot of time to send back a video from the landing cams, due to the limited bandwidth. Imagine downloading a game with 10kb/s and only be able to start the download a few hours a day. We will get footage of the landing soon, it just takes a while to send the video back to earth.

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      I like this hope Perseverance have a long and a good journey.

    74. lee jia sheng

      I saw it live and i love it from start to finish

    75. adhi shakthi

      That's Devon island in Canada, not Mars. NASA never went to Mars.

      1. David Slutes

        This is an animation, the real live stream will happen today.

    76. Kaiser v. China

      We're still waiting for real Photos

      1. David Slutes

        The live stream is happening today.

    77. Da Acid

      *this rovers will spend all of its life driving slowly and never return home and it will have a cold lonely death long death*

      1. Da Acid

        @Prism Games it would probably be rusty but i guess

      2. Prism Games

        One day, it will be in a martian museum.

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      পশ্চিম বঙ্গের জনগন নুতন আঞ্চলিক দল গঠন করুন এবং বলুন তোমার আমার ঠিকানা, তিস্তা ভাগীরথী কলকাতা। আজ থেকেই বলুন, জয় বঙ্গদেশ। ( পশ্চিম বঙ্গের নুতন নাম) ।।

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      Love you NASA❤️

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      Leave your comment here this is going to be on future History classes

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      I missed the event. I wasn't very interested anyway...

    82. Sun G86

      I wish humans would look after the beautiful planet we currently live on. Mars doesn't have beautiful forests, vast oceans teeming with life, a wide variety of landscapes and a myriad of wonderful species. Earth is rather special, abundant and colourful. Please look after it and heal it, instead of trashing it and moving on to destroy another planet.

      1. The Lorax

        I hope you live by your words and do something for the planet on your owb

      2. Prism Games

        Why can't we do both? We do need other planets as well

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      Mars helicopter man head Brian's brightness powers sussessful nasa thaks sir astro Sundar sumathi

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      Hopefully Perseverance doesn’t ends up with Opportunity and Spirit.... Rip Opportunity and Spirit

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      Congratulations, NASA!

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      Omg this is awesome

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      We assume camera man is not there friend

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      We cant even solve problems with the earth we create so let's send you to another planet to functionally destroy🤔💥💩

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      petition to put a smiley face on the next rover.

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      Марс будет наш! За русский Марс!

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      I assumed NASA disabled comments on all their videos.

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      No entiendo nada

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      sol 1 officialy begins for perseverance,congrats JPL!

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      Maybe is anything with people. I think, that first time we must work HERE and NOW for health and peace. So big money for Mars? Why ? Maybe later please.

      1. Prism Games

        Going to Mars is cheap compared to what you're outlining

    96. Anthony Ranaldi

      Nasa sent a toy to area 51 pretending it’s mars 😂

      1. Anthony Ranaldi

        @SN9 you are free to think what you want, I’ve got a logic thinking mind. I know what I’m talking about.

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        Looks like they sent your brain to area 51

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      It's just going to drive around collecting rocks and dirt and take some shots of a dead, barren landscape. Don't get too excited people. Nothing's going to happen.

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      NASA means deception in hebrew

      1. Dog

        Nash-saw* nasa is a acronym and also not a word in any language

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      Are we allowed to call them "Percy" and "Jenny" ?