We Asked a NASA Scientist: Is Mars Habitable?


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    Is Mars habitable? Could ancient life once have existed on the Red Planet? Is there potential for life today deep beneath the Martian crust? NASA Mars expert Ell Bogat is here to give us the details.

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    1. QuickThanos

      What if there were humans on mars before there were humans on earth and mars just got unhabitatable bcuz of "ice age" on mars but the humans there werent even that much evolved which is why we dont see anything to prove that they existed

    2. Im Hoping

      Not yet. At least for the next few centuries.

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    4. Nhoyskie zen-abi

      If Earth will be 238.28 million km from the Sun it will be look like Mars. If Mars is going back towards the Sun in 2000 years a first cactus will grow.

    5. Osama Bin Ishrat

      Boy: Do you love me? Girl: "Definitely maybe"

    6. Ahmad Rohaan

      30 years later: who else is watching from mars

    7. Marlboro Man

      NASA asking NASA scientist on NASAs KGup channel. Seems informative

    8. Ashish

      & yes the answer is yes definitely may be

    9. Youtube Villain

      When will nasa highlight a man in space bcs hes white?? nasa?

    10. The Shark

      Why are comments allowed on this great NASA video, yet not on others? Seems dubious

    11. FATCAT 4837

      We need to move global warming to Mars

    12. Chris Sche

      Release the tardigrades!

    13. Gus

      Yeah because we will all be living outside????

    14. Pritesh V

      Is mars habitable Elon Musk: it's a choice

    15. Abby Adams

      Mars is only habitable for the robots

    16. Dean Spence

      What if Mars was the old Earth that had its resources used up by past habitants

    17. Jan Pohořelický

      Am I the only one who is freaked out by her dilated pupils?

    18. Ryan Leishman

      Mars In 3021: Do you think there used to be life on Earth?

    19. Hammad Khan

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    22. Grace

      What if humans first lived on mars and they ruined the climate with fossil fuels and restarted on Earth but we just ended up making the same mistake?🥴

    23. Grace

      "definitely maybe" I love it

    24. Ivan Monteverde

      Why not cloud cities in Venus? Gravity, temperature and pressure conditions in the Venusian atmosphere are similar to Earth, 50-60km above the surface. It seems like a more rational idea than going to Mars.

    25. [][]

      nope, not for humans, not unless we terraform it.

    26. pavalur rahman

      Dont waste our limited resource in mars. use it to make our mother earth better.

    27. Pranam Shetty

      If not now after 1000year it's definitely going to be habitable.

    28. Curly Genius

      Mars is just rusty earth 2.0

    29. Aries Architects

      I m looking for the "Adam" on Mars!

    30. Michael Vuong

      It’s not thrivable

    31. TheSulross

      The question that many are really interested in is Mars suitable for long term, self sustaining human colonization?

    32. Bishwash KC

      future martians I wanted to say "hello" -Bishwash KC,25/2/2021

    33. fatehyabali


    34. It's 4 You

      for every phyiscal obstacle there is an physical solution. The question is when is mars habitable, not if.:-) Of course, no one knows when, but you could't believe it all not elon time ago and you just musk continue.

    35. Ed Griffiths

      Is Mars habitable? The answer is.....the debut album by Oasis

    36. MuhdZikry

      What if mars is a home to what we called now as an alien ages ago and then they escape mars and go to a distant planet to survive climate change

    37. zibbity bibbity bop

      Define "habitable". If you count the International Space Station as habitable, then yes, Mars is habitable. If not, then neither is Mars.

    38. Penis

      Question: Is Mars habitable? Answer: Is Mars habitable?

    39. Debu

      Imagine us going to Mars and finding out that our ancestors were from Mars and had left a ton of animals and other creatures from Mars on Earth and actually went off for search of another planet.

    40. Gaming Bravo

      I have a question You guys sent perseverance to collect samples from Mars's Jezero Crater, it's a crater that means it was hit by the meteor so that means the sample would collect the particles of the Meteor and not mars

    41. Kyle_ Gaming


    42. Bernardo A. Domingues

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    43. Terrance Smith

      Is mars habitable? If you're dumb enough to ask, I'd say yes then encourage you to move there.

    44. Rudi Van de Reep

      Yes its already occupied by robotica terra and ave

    45. ilhandurmus

      No not habitable because there is not enough nitrogen :)


      Why don't you people send a batch of early prokaryotic cells into mars Or why not mycoplasma

      1. Tejas Sabnis

        What will that do? Unless they are extremophiles, they won't survive. And even that is a bleak chance.

    47. Ali Mohsin

      The nature of universe is that it surprises.

    48. John Bassett

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    49. Selesta

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    50. Weekly dose of everything

      So nasa asked itself?

    51. ORIFICE

      I think we arrived on earth from Mars when it started to lose water.

    52. Nasreddine El-Dahabi

      I wasn't focusing on the answer, all I was wondering is that is this a guy or girl

      1. Mark O

        girl i think

    53. igronus

      We have to check if there is an OASIS there.

    54. Jarrett Bobbett

      Should be trying to fix the man made problems here on earth before running to mars.

      1. Ell Bogat

        Hi! It turns out NASA does both! A large portion of NASA science is Earth-focused, and involves monitoring the oceans, forests, and other natural environments that are imperative to protect. Space exploration is a part of understanding the context of Earth's existence and formation, and often ends up teaching us much about our own planet. In addition, the technology that we develop to improve the sustainability and affordability of living in space are used on Earth to make life better for everyone! -Ell Bogat (the NASA scientist in question)

      2. Ashwin’s Magic And Cardistry

        There are already associations, donations, charities, organisations etc etc for that. Trying Mars could open up new opportuonites. Many people dont seem to realise that its not all about one thing. There are many fields, and branches just like jobs. While many focus on medicine, or engineering, NASA focuses on discovering more about space, and thats all they need to focus on.

    55. K

      Imagine if all this money spent on space probes is spent here at home in protecting our planet , especially the oceans , rivers, lakes, forests , glaciers and mountains.

      1. K

        Somehow I have this feeling that humankind will exist and get extinct on mother earth.There is no way anybody could migrate and survive in the unimaginably hostile conditions of the other planets.Just my humble opinion.

      2. Ashwin’s Magic And Cardistry

        K and NASA doesnt even have much of a budget. If the hwole budget of the united states of america was 100 pennies, NASA just gets one half of a single penny. Military gets about 50 pennies (nearly half the budget).

      3. Ashwin’s Magic And Cardistry

        K There are already associations, donations, charities, organisations etc etc for helping nature and helping out planet. Trying Mars could open up new opportuonites. Many people dont seem to realise that its not all about one thing. There are many fields, and branches just like jobs. While many focus on medicine, or engineering, NASA focuses on discovering more about space, and thats all they need to focus on.

      4. K

        @Nando Florestan Friend, I guess you have a good point here.Maybe budgets from both these will go a long way in protecting our only home.

      5. Nando Florestan

        Why don't you point that hate to the military budget which is much larger?

    56. ImpaledBerrys

      I thought this was a Burger King ad in the beginning

    57. Johnny Motors

      I am pretty sure that Mars was like the Earth and some idiots like us, brought the planet to it's destruction such as cutting the trees, not replacing the cut trees, pollution, so Mars ran out of oxigen and everything died there. Earth will be like Mars if you don't do something good for the planet so next time you want to throw your garbage in the forest, think about it 100 times over.

    58. Garfield

      So cute

    59. A B

      Answer is NO!!!

    60. Centaurus


    61. w00tb0ss

      Tardigrades aka water bears and find a puddle on mars. Boom, life on mars. Joking aside who knows billions of years ago. Perseverance is going to have to dig deep =)

    62. Obada Erfan

      Clickbait 😒

    63. firebearfl

      Maybe with a good electric blanket and the ability to survive breathing Co2.

    64. Christ - King Of Kings

      Mars would be quite habitable if it existed. Question is, does it really exist or are we being scammed? You decide. I already have.

      1. Tejas Sabnis

        @ً his explanation is that he slept during middle school science class

      2. ً

        @Ashwin’s Magic And Cardistry I decide Mars exists and I don't live in America.

      3. Ashwin’s Magic And Cardistry

        Does your brain exist, or are you being scammed!? You decide. I already have.

      4. ً

        What is your explanation for Mars not existing?

    65. Klaas B

      In the sixties Mars was habitated by little green aliens, where have they gone???

    66. lavern carroll

      Everybody over at NASA is wearing mask, I guess they’re not very good scientist

      1. Tejas Sabnis

        I would say they are.

    67. playlist666

      Story twist: our ancestors ruined Mars and moved to Earth.

      1. Klaas B

        And we ruin Earth....

    68. kyoto32001

      if it's not habitable, than who built the sphinx and pyramids that were discovered on mars?

      1. Ashwin’s Magic And Cardistry

        kyoto32001 ok.... could you send a link, because its probably not from nasa, and they were probably photoshopped. Shouldnt believe everything on the internet, just saying

      2. kyoto32001

        @Ashwin’s Magic And Cardistry I've seen the nasa photo's.

      3. Ashwin’s Magic And Cardistry

        There arent sphinx’s and pyramids...

    69. twist games

      I bet there is love on Mars we kinda already know that it's like looking for money on ground we know its there but we have no glasses on and where not the only planet with live beacuase we have to come from somewhere

    70. no name

      I am afraid I dont get the fascination of Mars in terms of a sustainable permanent human being and Earth animal habitat. Building shelters shouldnt be a problem tho everything would need to be imported, but no atmosphere, no breathable air, no drinkable water sources, no food sources ...you know the basic components life needs to survive. Also the long term effects that zero G has on the skeletal and muscular systems of the human body are concerning. Imo the focus should be to take care of Earth, so that we dont suffer the same fate as Venus, instead of trying to locate someplace better (or less polluted).

    71. Ei Epix

      Let's practice habitating inhabitable places on Earth and practice for Mars

    72. W. T.C.

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    73. Carlos Gonzalez

      Funny how wernher von braun wrote a science fiction book in the 50s in which the person colonizing mars name is Elon. 🤔

    74. Mukesh Srivastava

      Elon musk watching this video..

    75. A. Harshvardhan

      As the lonely(elon, may be) old man said, " NUKE THE MARS AT ITS POLAR ICE REGION and wait for the changes."

    76. Stormtrooper

      Nasa, I saw the livestream, that is 3 days ago, and I wanted to ask you guys, do you would search for Spirit? I mean the rover, because we all want to see what happened

    77. Unnoved

      Short answer: no Long answer: lets find out in a 1 minute video!

    78. N¡h4d

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    79. Real HIFI Help

      Would be fun to fast forward to year 2100, to see what then happens on Mars and the Moon.

    80. Jack B

      Step 1. Round up and shove ice asteroids into the atmo to increase available gaseous density Step 2. Begin automated sifting out of salts across select swaths of surface regolith Step 3. Engineer hardy, rad-resistant anaerobic life to flourish in carbon dioxide environment, inducing O2 & Ozone Step 4. Consider a future in subterranean real estate investment and put on some hardcore sunblock to manage your Cosmic Rad Tan

    81. Michael Gonzalez

      Not only habitable, habitated by at least 3 sentient species. Us included. See Solar Warden program US Navy OR Radient Guardian program US Marines or .. higher positioned at here, NASA 🇺🇸👍🏼🍻.

    82. East Coast Exotic Life

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    83. Insatiable 747

      No and Never will be all those Pictures are Places on Earth 🌐 somewhere

      1. Insatiable 747

        @Tejas Sabnis I did show you like I said you believe everything on TV

      2. Tejas Sabnis

        @Insatiable 747 why don't you just admit that you don't have proof and are just a troll who got into conspiracy theories and is addicted to them?

      3. Tejas Sabnis

        @Insatiable 747 yeah I saw the picture. Didn't see your proof.

      4. Insatiable 747

        @Tejas Sabnis Proof is in the Pictures

      5. Tejas Sabnis

        @Insatiable 747 another claim. Prove it.

    84. Shik. M.

      The rovers have photographed a lot of mysterious objects on Mars, such as "Cydonia" and the "Martian Crab," so I think that it is just a matter of NASA covering up the truth. P.S. Remember: *NASA = "Never A Straight Answer."*

    85. joe k

      The answer is no. Not life as we know it. Why? Life exists on the earth, because of what's on the earth. What's on the earth, is not on Mars. We have a table of elements, most of which will never be found on Mars. All life on the earth is either directly, or indirectly dependent upon those elements.

      1. joe k

        @Tejas Sabnis We could put people on Mars, but they would never be able to live there. Example, plant life and the ratio of day to night hours, minerals, and water. It's a very complex ballance. Get one thing out of wack and the whole thing fails

      2. Tejas Sabnis

        Well yes. But Mars does come in the habitable zone, and we have also found traces of water on it. I don't know, but it might be habitable way in the future

    86. Fantastic Me

      Forms in 2070 be like : name - City - Province- Country- Planet - .........

    87. P.R. Mathews

      Ask WHY? did God put us on the planet He designed for Human Beings. 🤷🏼‍♂️🌍🌏🤷🏼‍♂️

      1. Tejas Sabnis

        1. Not everyone believes in God. 2. Theres no proof of God. 3. If God put us on this planet then why isn't he helping us make it better? Or even so, why did he create a planet with exhaustible resource? Its like he did not want humans to advance and use newer technology to explore his beautiful "creations." (Again, i am an atheist and I don't believe God created anything.)

      2. P.R. Mathews

        @Leomax 1511 trust me Hotrod, you shall see......

      3. Leomax 1511

        Bc god isn’t real

    88. Jose Hermes Rosario Guzman

      NASA is the netflix of 🐑....

    89. Vasil Iliev

      Is mars habitable? Yesn't

    90. Belal Elnagaa

      So this is what space race (US-China) propaganda feels like. I aint complaining tho

    91. k. jagadish

      What if I left my chicken leg piece on Mars for 100 days...what happen if there is no bacteria or any single cell organism

    92. Mutex Ali

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    93. Rewike_112

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    94. Dave Fury

      Mars is not habitable as it pertains to the criteria for sustaining life as we understand it.

    95. Trumpsney Productions Studios

      Yes underground, but actually no.

    96. Punky Pinko

      Maybe ... ok.

    97. Fantastic Me

      For the Mars to be habitable-We need to through a nuclear Bomb in the North Pole of Mars. Which makes its atmosphere thick . I request Elon musk to put nuclear bomb in the place of satellites for their next starlink mission and through it to Mars .

    98. vgfx_labs

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    99. Derpoise

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    100. safepancake6608

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