Science Launching on Northrop Grumman's 15th Resupply Mission


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    Experiments using worms to study muscle weakening, examining how astronauts sleep, and testing high-powered computers in space will be launching, along with more scientific experiments and supplies, to the International Space Station on a Northrop Grumman Cygnus spacecraft. This Cygnus is named the S.S. Katherine Johnson, after the NASA mathematician whose calculations were critical to the success of our early human spaceflight missions.
    The vehicle launches no earlier than Feb. 20 from our Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. Many of the experiments launching on this spacecraft build on previous studies conducted during the more than 20 years of continuous human habitation of the International Space Station, helping us explore farther in to space, and benefiting humans back on Earth.
    Learn more about the research being conducted on station:
    Twitter updates on the science conducted aboard the space station: iss_research

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      Hi there is a way to get gravity at ISS Applying the laws of thermodynamics, a magnet is fed 2 milliamps of current that generates it in the environment if we want to enlarge it we add more magnets. they can test it with water if we activate the magnet the drops will stick to the magnet. Have a great day

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      Disappointed to not see any talk about the secondary payloads going up as well such as the CubeSats and ThinSats as those are great outreach tools for space and getting people to engage in space as well

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      Hello Nasa ! Greetings from Turkey ! Im ella and im 14 years old. I want to be an astronaut in the future. And i have a question; What height should we be To be an astronaut ? Im 150 cm i guess i will grow more. but i guess it wont be more than 160. Please answer my question. I need help!

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        @kalpak t It is: - many billions and years: failed green run - not reusable (more space junk) - 2 BILLIONS PER LAUNCH - let's be fair. Only reason why it still exist is senate. But in terms of exploration you are right

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        @Imię Nazwisko well its not trash certainly old in any case nasa is at frontier but not the only one, spacex is certainly the best in terms of rocket tech but nasa is at front of exploration missions

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        It isn't. SLS is just trash from old technology.

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      CRS-15? Weren't cargo dragons CRS-20? How?

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        CRS-15 is not a SpaceX vehicle. Every supplier uses their own number. CRS means Commercial re- supply. SpaceX just flew CRS-21.

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      I dont know where Ill post this, sooo ill post it here: I have an idea how to search for bacterias or microbes on Mars (maybe other planets too). A rover pack that has 3 rovers (at least) One digger, One Collector, And one scanner (you can combine them into one if you want) So, the digger digs to liquid water level with a drill and then the collector comes in, collecting a sample of both the water and some soil right next (or above) the underground lake. And finally, the scanner. It has a portable little microscobe and a camera right where you look at to the microscobe (btw english is not my main language, sorry if it has mistakes in my writing) it puts the sample of liquid water where you see the microbes and stuff. It sends a photo (to ISS, probably) and the same with the soil sample. Yeah, that's it! I don't know how to end this but i know you probably wont see this, but reply to me if you can add stuff that make it better, and I know NASA probably won't see this but if it does (when you have the right stuff,) please consider this comment, so, bye I guess? Yeah. Bye!

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      One of the biggest experiences I had, was stepping on that soil, visiting NASA and its complex.

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      i still don't forgive ya'll for naming a Cygnus after Chaffee. why would you name something that burns up after an Apollo 1 astronaut? swing and a miss

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        NASA always gets the families' approval before naming vehicles. If the family has any objections then the name is not used. If you have any problems about names then you better talk to the family involved.

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        @Dino Studios if you can't see the obvious problem, explaining it to you is like saying a punch in the face is painful, most people see clearly, you however are asking why everyone thinks a punch in the face is painful. Yeah, explaining why glass melting at 1,500 degrees is the same thing. You don't even know the physics of the thing (space) that you hold to be real, therefore the glass melting point is meaningless because you were never told. So, sadly it's on you and I don't think you even understand that. I wish you peace.

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        Glass melts at 1,500 degrees, anyone that thinks space is real is participating in the strong delusion fulfillment of 2 Timothy 4: 3-4

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