NASA's mission is to pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery and aeronautics research.

To do that, we have worked around the world -- and off it -- for more than 50 years, searching for answers to fundamental questions about our place in the universe. We're exploring space and discovering Earth. Join us for this exciting and important journey.

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  1. Rahmi Karaman


  2. butlerproman

    Finally there will be an actual space colony on the moon to validate a certain group of conspiracy theorists.

  3. Three srees

    I am an Indian. But I wish to become a nasa astronaut. Would please help me????

  4. Narusytar 12

    I Going to mars byeeeeee

  5. Matt Chapman


  6. Cherry

    i just realised, Artemis might get us new parts in ksp

  7. BezKartuza


  8. The Space Coast Life

    Starship will be on Mars while Artemis is still making commercials!

  9. Jacob

    the moon! again! lol

  10. Earlanosaurus

    When will the movie be released?

  11. Mr Random

    Yo i remember building this in ksp

  12. Chi tose

    I really want to see humans colonized other planets and see what outside this Galaxy look like through my eyes.But I know I'm no longer exist that time

  13. SPACE I


  14. billymonkey111

    Elon Musk will have made his own moon by then, for half the price

  15. Barupen S

    I cant wait for this!

  16. Boxersteavee

    Ye cuz super heavy is launching artemis?

  17. Oliver

    They held an engine competition, and then decided to go with none of the 3 capable engines and went with old space shuttle engines they can't recreate. Putting my money on them strapping their new modules on a falcon heavy instead of the in house one they're developing. Politically they will keep delaying so they keep getting money and don't lose the jobs once the project is complete

  18. FGIP

    Wohoo! This definitely getting recommend in the future

  19. Planeet

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  20. SongsAndMixes

    If only some more of the US' trillion dollar expenditure on military could be placed towards the discovery of the universe for the future of mankind

  21. Just_a_Mango

    “We are focused” and so are congress and Boeing on delaying the program

  22. bence porkolab


  23. Alaskan Malamute

    0:15 Did they pinch the Avengers logo lol

  24. Vinod Sarode

    An Exciting project, with many challenges. Confidence is BRIMFULL, Wishing all future missions are 100% successful, NASA has many TALENTED Engineers to carry out the missions.

  25. Speedy Snail

    SpacX's video: how we are going to mars - 16K

  26. Охтеров Егор

    What happens to a rocket after launch? Will we wait another 50 years to build the next one?

  27. strawberryalarmcl0ck

    I hope I live to see Humans explore Jovian space. Mars isn't far enough!

  28. Anderson Beira

    Por que não tem legenda em português Brasileiro?

  29. Sammy Sammy

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  30. h20 over212

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  31. The God Emperor of Mankind

    New Elite update looks nuts

  32. fake bob

    But heyyy at least they’re going for science this time

  33. Peter Malo

    Omegalul. Artemis is the biggest tax payer money scam in the history of the US. Joke of a program. Waste of money.

  34. Rüveyda Önalan

    Thank you nasa

  35. Marilou Flake Stardust

    Seen a lot of posts on facebook of people bragging why 'a lot of americans' paid for this stuff while leaving hungry kids unfed and small wars unresolved. And if youre one of those freaks, i am letting you know that nasa is a *science based company,* not a charity organization. Now go there to their location and help them yourself or with others behind you, instead of smartshaming us. Thanks.

  36. วัน สิ้นโลก

    สัญญานรับส่ง แรงมากจริงๆยอมรับเลย ถ้าสัญญาน ออกคำสั่งช้าไปเพียงนาทีเดียว การลงจอดจะผิดพลาดหมดแน่นอน

  37. Jeramie James

    Moon colony here we come

  38. ムガル帝国

    We are focused.....Sound the best!!!🌛🌜🌔🌒

  39. Tony

    They said to them not to. What do you think will happen? Find out on the next episode of "When we were humans"

  40. Abdul Shafiq

    Ohh man! This is giving goosebumps

  41. RavenWolf654

    I can't wait for 2024. It is so close.

  42. Jeffrey Martin

    This video literally had no substance

  43. Gerald Wagner

    The hideous high riddle cytopathologically waste because lunch intriguinly play via a daily carnation. annoying, even excellent excited ostrich

  44. Bishal Kumar Gautam

    NASA is the best. So pumped for this.

  45. BlackWing

    MrBeast videos in 5 years: "I gave a random subscriber a ticket to the Moon"

  46. Анти стоп- хам

    какая бездарная киношка, иначе говоря враньё ЪЪЪЪ голливуд закончился на студии Атлас в Марокко ))

  47. TheHighGuard UK

    To the Moon!!! Good luck Artemis!

  48. বিশ্বাস BISWAS

    The fact is NASA is first time going there. They never landed actually

    1. বিশ্বাস BISWAS

      @Jeffccan you are a brainwashed

    2. Jaydev Pillai

      Oh GAWD, your peanut sized brain can't understand how rockets work.

    3. Jeffccan

      Your mind is amazing. 🧏‍♂️🤪🤷‍♀️🤦‍♂️😜

  49. STX Films

    Los amo con todo mi corazón sigan más allá ♥️♥️♥️♥️😔😔😔

  50. Miguel Caçador Peixoto

    To the moon! 🚀

  51. Vinicius Ferret

    I’ll believe it on launch day

  52. Ahmed El Shaweesh

    Do you guys know what Artemis Berlin is ?

  53. Blake Hill

    go nasa

  54. BS sy

    When I saw the thumbnail, I thought it' a big cannon.😖

  55. Karl Johnsen

    Mocking in the Beehive. edit - and the earrings are perfect for this actor.

  56. ajax5622

    Ya, saying that for a while now.

  57. Haris

    I am from Indonesia

  58. Rhanish Kumar

    Nasa is mass

  59. Aggy

    NASA: Reloaded

  60. Hasan Mazharul Haq

    Yes 🥰 We are going.

  61. Mo Jimmy


    1. Senior ewe

      i didnt know going to space was patented by china

  62. NellY

    I've been waiting to see SLS fly for years. The first launch is gonna be epic.

  63. Navya vardhan

    Want to be a astronaut so You want to shine like a sun so Burn like a sun

  64. U tube fun

    Oberheim Matrix-12

  65. Ali Mahi


  66. Marcos Cazalla Torres

    ¿A alguien mas le parece increíble?

  67. Anthony


  68. karel kerstboom

    What movie is this the trailer looks sick

  69. Rusheelraj Rajkumar


  70. roblox master

    7 minuts of terror

  71. Nebey Weldu

    Why do I feel so inpatient someone tell me. I am hyped but also sad this cannot happen now. I mean then we would of been on Mars by 2022 no probably not but if it was like that I would feel less inpatient this is probably because I do not realise how hard it is to actually do space travel.

  72. GymRat

    Gotta love the cold war with China, if it revives Space exploration programs

  73. 空力Sugoi

    looks flat to me

  74. Moses

    More hype. I’ll believe that “we’re going” when I see you ditch SLS and the insane monstrosity it is and go all in on Starship and New Glenn

  75. Forlon


  76. Kamal Biswakarma

    What would be the major differences between apollo and artemis mission?

  77. DaBeast34

    Lets gooo

  78. Frank Winterlong

    1981: in 1999 we will live on the moon and we'll have flying cars by 2001 and stuff. 2021: these guy again.

  79. Akshit Chakhaiyar

    Finally something good that's happening

  80. Lailanni Nicole Tagaro

    I do hope Perseverance will somehow find both Spirit and Opportunity :/

    1. Adrian Cordeiro

      It's too far away from both rovers. Even if it did find them it would take years for it to reach them because it moves very slowly